5 Effective Ways To Perform English Grammar Check

Great grammar is an inevitable aspect in professional as well as academic writing. Though a good number of word processing programs with grammar correction tools are available in the market most of these program fail to identify all grammatical errors because the rules that govern the language differ according to the situation.(You might want to read this Grammarly review.) hen writing is error-free grammar becomes invisible. When you read an article that is full of mistakes you will get easily distracted and the natural flow of writing will get disturbed as well.

Here are the 5 most effective ways to perform English grammar check:

English Grammar Check – Develop a habit of re-reading

For identifying common grammar mistakes, you do not have to be a scholar. When you make an attempt to re-read the piece with proper attention you will be able to identify some problem areas easily without having the least botheration of complicated grammar rules and you should trust your instinct. If you feel that a particular sentence sounds incorrect there can be a grammar mistake in that sentence. It is always advisable to read aloud for identifying the grammatical errors because language begins orally. Children learn to speak well before they learn to write and read and that is why expert say that you will be more capable of identifying mistakes when you read aloud. By doing so; you will be hearing your own words and it will become easy for you to recognize grammatical errors. This method can be described as one of the easiest ways of identifying grammar mistakes.

English Grammar Check –  Correct the run-on sentences

You should always identify and correct run- on sentences and it can be done in three ways. Run-on sentences can be separated with a conjunction and coma and another way of doing it is to make use of semicolon. You can also break the sentence using a period and all these steps will help you to correct the run-on sentences.

English Grammar Check – Identify sentence fragments

A fragment can be described as a piece of sentence that lacks subject or a verb. You will be able to fix these fragments by adding phrases with other sentences. For example; take these two sentences. We flew into Paris. Which is the capital of Paris. The first sentence contains an independent clause and the second sentence contains a dependent clause. These two sentences can be combined to make a grammatically correct sentence. We flew into Paris, which is the capital of France. That is how you will be able to correct the sentence fragments.

Think about the relation between the subject and verb

The subject of a sentence should be in complete agreement with the verb. If the verb has not been conjugated to precisely reflect the subject the verb subject will not be in complete agreement with the verb. Most people make these types of grammar mistakes frequently and conjugation of verbs should be given great attention during English grammar check

English Grammar Check – Focus on the correct use of adverbs and adjectives

People often commit the mistake of using adjectives to modify a verb and you should pay close attention towards this aspect. You should use adjectives for modifying nouns and adverbs for modifying verbs and adjectives. Information about a description or action will be provided by adverbs and it can be said that adverbs clearly explain the degree to which a noun fits a description or how an action is performed. Adjectives should be used to modify the noun only. So you should be careful about the proper use of adjectives and adverbs to make the sentence error- free.

English Grammar Check – Conclusion

You will be able to identify a certain number of grammar mistakes using these 5 methods and it is always advisable to select the best English grammar check software for identifying more grammar mistakes. Since most software fail to identify all grammatical errors you should be extremely careful at the time of choosing the best grammar correction tool. The feedbacks of the existing users will have to be given the due attention they deserve because if a grammar check software has a huge pool of satisfied customers it can be described as a clear indication about the quality of the software. You should lookout for software that is capable identifying all grammar mistakes within a short period of time and an extensive online search will help you to arrive at the best decision.

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