Pros And Con Of Using Online Grammar Checker

While it may sound convenient to use online grammar checker, you must be cautious and judicious in using it. Cautious in the sense that you should know and set your limits; and judicious in the sense that you have to use it only when necessary.(You might also like to read Grammarly review). It cannot be denied that with the advent of cyber technology, everything else follows. So much can be done through the internet nowadays that seemed impossible in the past. One of these is letting someone or something else do important things for you, such as checking your grammar.

Online Grammar Checker – Reliability and Accuracy

Having your grammar checked can be considered a very good innovation in high internet technology. You can have the confidence that your grammar is perfect and you can do your writing with ease. However, the question is: Is online grammar checker reliable; and how accurate is it? With the widespread use of outsourcing services, even online grammar checker is already available and is made easily accessible for everybody. Since it is online, you cannot help but be a little wary if it is 100% reliable and accurate. . Before disembarking into the use of the online grammar checker, it is always wise to make sure that the source or service provider is dependable. Remember, this service can be done by humans or through the use of programmed software. Actually, there is more accuracy if the checker is human and an expert in grammar and the language in use because he or she knows the nuances of the language aside from the structure alone. The problem with online grammar checker software is that it is based mainly on specific structure or rules that are programmed into it. For instance, have you experienced being corrected as to the non-use of passive form because you are advised to use the active form even if you are writing scientific experiment and research articles; or have you been corrected to use the plural or singular form of the verb in long sentences because the software confuses your noun to be a verb or the functions of the succession of many words?

Online Grammar Checker – Limit and Cost

When you use online grammar checker, you are to submit to the terms and conditions of the provider. True, there are many free online grammar checker but many of the free services are mostly promotional techniques of some businesses. They check your basic grammar and suggest more ways to improve your writing through using more uncommon vocabulary or style by subscribing to their paid services. Actually, the free online grammar checker is very limited such that if you want your work to be checked thoroughly, you have to be willing to pay. You should also be aware of the marketing scheme these days that from time to time you are encouraged to upgrade your subscriptions in order to gain more benefits at a much higher price. It is therefore important for you to consider the limits and the cost when you decide to use online grammar checker. Like everything else, each service comes with a price. Anything that is free is usually incomplete and very superficial.

Online Grammar Checker – Dependency and Style

Another factor to consider in online grammar checker is your tendency to become dependent on using it most of the time and thereby sacrifice your own style of writing. Since the software is based on a certain standard, you may also be limited in providing a personal touch to your work. Instead of using your creativity, you may be used to online grammar checker that you devoid your work of personal style and tone. This is not to discourage using online grammar checker, though. This is to make you aware of the facts about this service and decide for yourself how much of it you are going to apply in your regular writing experience. For formal documents, online grammar checker is ideal mainly to present the material in clean and error proof piece; but for creative writing and narratives, you need to be the master of your expression and be sure to seek a human editor to guide and help you. Finally, online grammar checker has both the negative and positive attributes. To get the best from it, you must make the balance between putting your personal control over your work and only have it check the basic grammar. In addition, since you know exactly what you mean to say, so do not just submit to the grammar suggestion if it does not fit exactly what you intend. Lastly, if it is possible, subscribe to human editors and language experts because there is more to language than grammar such as nuances and idioms; online grammar checker is best used then when it is backed up by the human mind.

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