• 5 Writing Rules Every Must Know

    If you want to be a great blogger and have a successful career, these are 5 grammar rules for bloggers. It’s fluid and always changing. Oh, and I also remember being the kid who turned in homework on time and was always eager to answer any questions my teacher had. That all changed when I went to high school. The…

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  • 6 Ways to Spell and Grammar Check

    These six tools are my favorites. They cover all the bases and can be used for a few blog posts. You’ll then find which one suits your style best. After… Read More

  • The best grammar

    These are Glossophilia’s top blogs. They are listed in no particular order. The blogs have brief descriptions, author bios, and a general note about their ‘vibe’. Note: Most, if not… Read More

  • Using Nor Properly

    Grammar is a subject that many people enjoy because it allows them to express their thoughts clearly and effectively. They know that our minds are always on display when we… Read More

  • What Is the Plural of Scarf

    A scarf can add warmth to a cold day, as we all know. Sometimes, a scarf can add some flair to an otherwise boring outfit. We are unsure how to… Read More

  • Writing Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

    These grammar blunders are a common occurrence in blog writing. These mistakes make me cringe, and I refuse to read any further. Are you turning off readers with your syntax… Read More

  • Colloquialism Examples to Help You Learn About Them

    Perhaps you’re familiar with the term “colloquialism.” They are so common that we might not notice them unless we see one we don’t recognize. Let’s look at the definition of… Read More

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