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These are Glossophilia’s top blogs. They are listed in no particular order. The blogs have brief descriptions, author bios, and a general note about their ‘vibe’. Note: Most, if not all, of these blogs, are geeky, and that is a compliment. This seems to be a requirement for any grammar blog. Blogs containing tags in the 64-point font are not eligible for this list. We would love to hear about other grammar blogs.

Kory Stamper manages harmless Drudgery.

. He’s a lexicographer at Merriam-Webster and spends his days trying to decode words like “monophysite” or “bodice ripper”. Vibe: Informative/accessible, pertinent, informative, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and wide-ranging.

First, an Irishman’s blog about English grammar, style, literature, history and quirks. Stan Carey is a writer, scientist, editor, and swivel chair linguist. Vibe: Accessible and informal, with a wide range of subject matter.

How to Write Badly has given bad advice to more than half a million people since 2009. It is also now a comedy show. Joel Stickley, a writer and Poet Laureate in Lincolnshire (UK), is currently the Writers in Prison Network’s Writer in Residence. His work has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines and on Radio 3, Radio 3, Channel 4, and BBC One. Vibe: witty, ironic, irreverent, thoughtful.

Grammar Lady:: Quick & Dirty Tips(TM) Provides tips and exercises to help you remember and learn all grammar rules, including punctuation and word choice. Mignon Fogarty, a former technical writer and magazine editor, is now an entrepreneur. Vibe: Instructive, accessible, straightforward, helpful.


Is a blog that focuses on English grammar and usage. Team of unnamed editors/contributors. The vibe is a simple compendium of usage and grammar. Vibe: Instructive, serious, comprehensive.

Mr. Verb Language changes. It is possible to deal with it. It is worth it. Various contributors. Vibe: Eclectic and curious, quirky, relevant, mix between seriousness and irreverence.

The Diacritics discuss language in the world today, including current events, pop culture and historical changes, and recent research. John Stokes, a law student and former linguistics undergraduate, believes language is amazing. Vibe: Detailed/well-researched, eclectic, serious, and relevant.

World Wide Words.

Tries to capture at least some of the changing wordscape by including new words, word histories and curiosities about native English speech. Michael Quinion is a British writer who writes about international English. Vibe: Serious, detailed, expert, informative.

Proper English Foundation Proper English is a subjective concept that we have “to the extreme” Unknown contributors. Vibe: Parodic and ironic, slightly biting. Very quirky and eclectic. Sometimes downright hilarious.

Grammarphobia Grammar.

Etymology and usage are brought to you jointly by Stewart Kellerman and Patricia T. O’Conner. They have combined more than 50 years of experience as editors and writers and have published five books on the English language. Vibe: Relevant, expert, informative, eclectic, accessible.

Separated using a common language: An American linguist living in the UK observed British and American English. M Lynne Murphy, Reader* in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Sussex. She transitioned from dual citizen to ex-pat; she teaches and researches semantics, pragmatics, and psycholinguistics. Vibe: A detailed but accessible expert perspective on the fascinating differences between American and British English.

Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar This online journal allows members of The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar to document their noble efforts. Vibe: A lighthearted, humorous critique of signage and other crimes.

The Virtual linguist is written and edited by Susan Harvey or Susan Purcell, depending on who I am with, where I live, and what I’m doing. I am a linguist in both the literal and abstract senses. I can speak and write English linguistics, and I also know French, German, and Russian. Vibe: Detail-oriented, curious, and knowledgeable about various subjects.

English Language & Usage – Stack Exchange is a question and answer website for linguists and serious English language lovers. Vibe: Serious, instructive, expert, helpful.

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