Using Nor Properly

Grammar is a subject that many people enjoy because it allows them to express their thoughts clearly and effectively. They know that our minds are always on display when we open our mouths and start to type.

Writing and speaking with precision require the constant acquisition of grammatical details. We might also refer to these as special-use tools in the toolbox. Is one such implement.

Neither is derived from the Middle English word another, which means “neither”. Neither A nor B are neither A, neither B. The second is not contracted eventually to or, which serves as coordination conjunction used for negation.

Properly using and

Joins words and phrases of equal rank to form coordinating conjunction. It is used in conjunction with neither and not to form a correlative couple.


This book is not smart or illuminating. (Negation of two words).

Diego does not watch TV or go to the movies. (Negation of two verb phrases

I will not attend this rally, and I will not endorse it. (Negation of two separate clauses)

It is crucial to the precision of constructions that they have parallelism. Take them into consideration when we change their equal correlation.

This book is but smart, and I do not find it useful.

does not watch TV or go to the movies. (word and verb phrase)

I will not attend or endorse the rally.

Another way to express this principle is to have the first part (or correlative) of the pair begin before the item is negated. Please look at the sentences that we used to move in and out of parallel.

Incorrect This book is not smart or informative. (starts with a verb, then switches to adjective).

It is correct: The book is neither informative nor smart. (begins before the adjective and continues with the adjective).

Incorrect, Diego doesn’t watch TV. (starts with a noun, then switches to verb phrase).

True: Diego does not watch TV or go to the movies. (Begins before the verb phrase, continues with verb phrase).

Cannot is the first part of a negating pair of correlative pairs. The correct second half of is or, not or.

Incorrect: Krisztina can not run or walk due to her calf strain.

Correct: Krisztina can’t run, walk or exercise because of her calf strain.

We repeat the or word before negating more than one item from a list.

It is correct: The book is neither intelligent nor illuminating nor mildly entertaining.

It is incorrect: The book is not smart, informative, or mildly entertaining.

True: Diego does not watch TV nor go to the movies. He also doesn’t stream content from his phone.

Incorrect: Diego does not watch TV, go to movies, or stream content from his phone.

Using Nor Properly: Verb Agreement

The verb number will be determined by the number of the component nearest to the verb in a pair like neither…nor.


does not setback [plural] [singular] hinders [singular] Preston from pursuing his dreams.

Does not delay [singular verb] setbacks discourage HTML3_ [plural verb]. Preston can still pursue his goals.

not properly: Interchanging or

In a correlative couple, and will not always prompt the use orIt will sometimes be negated byor may seem better if the negated words include nouns, adjectives or adverbs.

Or is used, the first negative will be carried through the remainder of the sentence.


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